• Professional Services

    We have senior level certified DBAs having over 25 years experience. We are specialized with IBM/HCL Informix, IBM DB2 LUW databases. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term database services of any size of the business, we can be helpful. Some prime categories we provide our consulting services.

    • Database Installation, Configuration, QA
    • Database Health-check, Performance Tuning
    • Cross-platform Database Migrations
    • Database Replication, HDR and ER
    • Backup & Restore solutions
    • Data Warehousing
    • Database Software Licensing
  • Web Development Services

    We provide complete, customized website development solutions, from analysis to deployment. Our committed team of senior developers always fulfill client’s requirements right on schedule. Some of our service areas building secure, scalable and high performance sites:

    • Study, Design, Implementation and QA
    • Mobile-friendly and Responsive
    • Easy Back-end Administration
    • User friendly Front-end
    • System Integration
    • E-Commerce Solution
    • Code Testing, SEO Optimization
    • Maintenance and Support
  • IBM Informix Training

    Primarily, we provide specialized training on various IBM Informix products and technology. The training sessions are tailored based on the students and classes. This is a small effort and contribution to our prestigious Informix database community. Our aim is to create more DBAs in the near future. Some of our training areas:

    • Informix Software Installation
    • Informix Server Setup and Configuration
    • Database Operations and Health Check
    • Performance Tuning and Optimization
    • Enterprise Replication & High Availability Data Replication (HDR)
    • Backup & Restore Solutions
    • Client Server Setup and Communication
  • IT Services to Non-profit Organizations

    Majority of our website development projects are dedicated to numerous non-profit organizations. While we envision to take our business to the next level, we have been practicing the concept of 'giving back' seriously. Our inclination has been to give back to the world using non-profits as a platform! Non-profits we have been serving:

    • Associations and Community Organizations
    • Arts, Culture and Humanities
    • Religious Organizations
    • Charitable Organizations
    • Environmental and Health
    • Educational Organizations
    • International and Foreign Affairs ... and more....